Savon Noir (Moroccan Beldi)


*How to Use Moroccan Black Soap at Home

Even if you aren’t currently lucky enough to be in Morocco at the moment, you can give your skin the same incredible exfoliating experience at home.

Although you don’t HAVE to steam your skin, a good steam treatment is part of the authentic Hammam experience. So, if you decide to turn on the hot shower to steam up your bathroom for a few minutes, your skin will thank you for it!

When ready (whether you steam or not), slather your skin with Moroccan Black Soap and let it sit for five to fifteen minutes. While the luxurious soap soaks into your skin, relax in your favorite ways. Candles, music, and even a nice glass of wine are some nice and relaxing touches for your in-home spa experience.

After allowing your skin to soak up all the wonderful moisture it can, it is time to exfoliate. Slip on your Kessa glove and scrub your body with long, slow strokes. Don’t worry if you see dark particles – that is simply the old, dead skin cells falling away, leaving behind fresh, clean, vibrant skin. (At this point, it is perfectly acceptable if you find it tough to stop touching your silky soft skin!)

To complete your experience, follow your exfoliation session with a cool shower. Snuggle into your favorite soft robe and enjoy the feeling of well-cared-for skin.

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This gentle, but powerful, high-alkaline paste soap made from olive oil and macerated olives is ‘the’ one to use for all skin types!

With the delicate aroma of  Siberian fir and Tea Tree essential oil, this non-abrasive exfoliant is traditionally used in Moroccan hammams, but you only need to go as far as your own bathroom to experience it’s rejuvenating properties.


*please note: image shown depicts older label with Frankincense (Olibanum) which has been replaced by Siberian Fir (Albies Siberica) 

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